• Proudly Canadian

    All of our materials are ordered from Canada. We pride ourselves in supporting our economy!

  • Why choose our Lures?

    • We do custom orders to fit your needs.
    • We are local and hand craft each and every harness, muskie lure, spinnerbait, in-line spinners, jig and spoon.
    • Every hook, clevis, bead, floater, blade, spoon, swivel, line … is handled with the highest quality standard.
    • Every jig and spinnerbait is made from our own melted lead and hand poured in the molds.
    • We do not order pre-made products. Our company is truly Epic!

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  • What you need to know before ordering

    * All of our blades, spoons and jigs are hand painted with durable powder coat paint for maximum durability.
    * All harness blades are either #3, #4 or #5 in size. (Any other sizes can be requested)
    * All spoons are 3 ¼ inch long and come in either nickel or copper.
    * Other spoon sizes are available upon request.